Plan office visits with teammates (The mobile Pass tab)

Use the mobile Pass tab for a more guided booking experience that makes heading into the office easier than ever. The Pass tab guides you through key planning decisions, such as which days you have office access, which days your teammates are scheduled to be in the office, and where they're sitting. 

If you haven't already, tag your "favorites" for the best booking experience. 




Booking a desk

By default the mobile app opens to the Pass tab.  


Pro tip: If you haven't already tag your "favorites" first so you can see at-a-glance when your favorite co-workers will be in the office and where they’re sitting over the course of the next 2 weeks.


Select an office using the drop-down menu under "Plan your next visit". At a glance, you can see who on your "team" is working in each building.   


Tap Book a desk. 


Scroll through the 2-week schedule view to see when teammates are going into the office > tap a  date.
The schedule also calls out any days you don't have office access, days the office may be closed, and days no teammates are in the office.  
Tap a floor you'd like to reserve a desk on.  Bonus: Robin highlights the floors your teammates have a desk reservation on and the number of available desks on each floor. 
From the map, tap an available desk that looks good to you, and then tap Reserve.
Use the dropdown menu options at the top to make any changes to the date/time, including multiple-day reservations, and to search for a desk with specific amenities.
Then you'll see a confirmation message. Tap Dismiss to be redirected to the Pass tab. 


Reviewing & modifying your desk reservations

You’ll receive an email confirmation after reserving a desk. You can manage your desk reservations/assignments in the mobile app (and in the web dashboard). 


1. Tap View upcoming desks link on the bottom of the Pass tab to manage your desk reservations. 

2. Tap a reservation for more details and the option to make edits.

3. Tap End reservation to end an in-progress reservation or Cancel reservation to cancel an upcoming reservation. Note, multi-day reservations can be canceled/ended in the mobile app as individual amendments only. Use the web dashboard to end the entire reservation. 

Booking a space

Tap Find a space. This takes you to the Office search tab where you can find and reserve the best fit space for your needs.


Reviewing & managing your meeting schedule

Tap the calendar icon in the top right corner to see your upcoming meeting schedule. 


User profile and settings

The user profile icon is where you can manage app settings, check for app updates, find help and give feedback. 


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