Manage office capacity

Supported plans 

  • All plans

User permissions required

  • Custom permissions: Manage Offices & Maps
  • Global admin

The capacity tool helps workplace teams understand and manage how many people can use the office on a given day. It gives employees the flexibility to choose where they want to work from with a pool of desks and once the cap is reached, any remaining desks become unavailable to book. 

Setting office capacity limits

Office capacity is set per floor, if you have more than one floor in an office building, you'll want to set the necessary capacity limitations for each floor

1. From the Office search page, click Edit floor.

2. Select the Configuration tool.

3. Toggle the Daily Limit Capacity setting on the left panel, then set the limit on the number of bookable flexible desks for each day.

Note, the capacity limitation only applies to hot and hotel desks (flexible). This is because assigned desks are not considered "bookable".


Monitoring office capacity

Admins can monitor the building capacity by viewing the number of people with desk reservations (assigned, hot, or hotel) for the day compared with the total number of usable desks (assigned, hot, hotel).

You can also see the total number of people who have access to book desks in the office. Booking access can be managed by creating passes by building and/or by day.



Viewing office capacity 

Everyone can view office capacity on their office map on both the mobile app and web dashboard. Employees can see the total number of desks that are available to book and when the office has reached capacity.

You'll see a message (like the one below) when/if the floor is at capacity and you'll be blocked from moving forward with a desk reservation. This includes global admins & users with permission to manage offices & maps. 


desks_available-dash.png          zero_desks-dash_view.png


desks_available0-mobile.png               no_desks-mobile.png


Heads up

Keep in mind that users with the custom permission to assign desks to others, including admins, will see unassigned desks as green and available from the office map. Assigned desk types are not bookable, and will not count toward the capacity count. All other employees will see these unassigned desks as unavailable.

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