[DRAFT] New getting started for employees

If your office just rolled out Robin then you're in the right place. Whether your team is working full-time in the office, remote, or a little bit of both, Robin makes it easier for everyone to find the office resources you need to fit the activity at hand. Use this guide as a Robin co-pilot to get you started. 

1. Join your organization

You can join your company's Robin account one of two ways:

By email invitation

If you've received an email invitation to join Robin, get started by clicking the link inside. Keep in mind that each invitation is unique, usable once, and can only be accepted by the email it was sent to.

Click the link in your email invitation. It will take you to a registration screen for the Robin web dashboard.
Create your account using the same email address which received the email invitation.

Create_A_User_Account.pngSingle Sign-On (SSO) with your work email address

If your Robin administrator has enabled single sign-on, you may sign in using your existing credentials for either Google Workspace (fmr. G Suite), Office 365, or SAML.

Open your web browser and go to https://dashboard.robinpowered.com/login
Type your company's name - an admin can help you with this if you don't know it. Then select your desired single sign-on method and use those credentials to log in and join your team.

2. Get familiar with your office on Robin

Robin helps you book meeting rooms, change desks, and find your teammates quicker. No wandering. No wondering. Use your workplace resources wherever you are with easy, on-the-fly booking via the web dashboard, mobile app, or kiosk. 


3. Your Office Pass

Coming back into the office can feel like the first day all over again, but with Office Pass you'll know if you can use the office when you can use the office, where you can sit in the office, and what you need to do before heading in, making trips to the office a little smoother. 

The Pass tab is more than just your office pass, it is a one-stop-shop where you can:


4. Start planning office visits with teammates

Use the mobile app to tag your favorite co-workers to see which days they're scheduled to be in the office and where they're sitting, so you can grab a seat next to them. You can do this from the People tab or from the Pass tab for a more guided booking experience. 



5.  Office policies to have on the radar

Note, not every office implements these office policies, so if this doesn't sound familiar skip this section.


6. The devices displayed outside meeting rooms

Room displays show when rooms are available, and when they’re not. They let others know when you’re using a meeting room by checking into your scheduled meeting or starting an impromptu meeting.


Green = Room is available and can be booked.

Yellow = Room is booked. A meeting is either about to start soon (within 10 minutes) or the meeting attendees haven't checked in yet.

Red = The room is in use.

(Note, if your office uses custom status colors, yours may look different. )


Need help?

The Robin support team is on hand to answer questions through in-app chat. Just look for the chatbox on the web dashboard to get in touch. You can also email support@robinpowered.com.

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