Register and manage office guests

Supported plans

  • All plans

User Permissions Required 

  • Global Admin or Owner 

User permissions required for custom roles (Premier plans only)

Use the Visits tab in the web dashboard to help manage office visitors. This includes verifying guest identity, notifying host upon arrival, and creating guest visit logs. 

When guests arrive at the office they'll check-in using their mobile device (touch-less method) and complete a health survey (if required). When a  guest completes the check-in process the guest's host will receive an email notification letting them know their guest has arrived.  

Pre-register office guests


Navigate to the Visits tab > New Visit. 


Enter the visit details. All fields are required except for optional arrival instructions that are shared with the guest.



Click Save Visit to complete the guest registration. 


The host will receive an email confirmation when their guest has been registered:


If you need to cancel a guest visit, hover over the guest to see the option to Cancel.  Note, edits are not supported at this time. You'll need to cancel the registration and redo it.


The visitor log

Use the visitor log to keep track of the guests who've been invited to the office, visited the office, checkpoint status (if required), and checked- in for their visit:image__15_.png

Arrival display setup 

Set up an arrival display in the office lobby or receptionist area for an alternative check-in method for guests. This is especially helpful if your office has a secured network that guests can't access yet. 

In the web dashboard, navigate to Devices > blue Add a device button in the right corner >  select Guest arrival display from the dropdown.


Add the display information.


This generates a code which you'll need to enter on the arrival display next, so keep the code handy. 
On the arrival display device, open a web browser & type in  Then enter the code to pair it with Robin. (e.g. iPad, tablet or desktop workstation)  

Then you'll see a list of all the displays set up, including arrival displays, and the status of them on the Devices page in the web dashboard (Manage > devices).



Arrival display best practices:

  • For the best experience, we recommend using an iPad, but you can use any tablet or computer with a responsive web browser. 

  • We recommend locking the display to a single app, in this case, a web browser app, like Safari.

    • Android tablets-Pinning is available for tablets running Android 5.0 and higher and locks a selected app to the display.

    • Kindle fire-Parental controls on the Kindle Fire restrict access to certain apps, including the Amazon app store. To lock the Kindle Fire down further, 3rd-party apps offer additional controls. 

  • Additionally, because a web browser is used to access the Robin arrival portal on the device, you may want to consider applying web browser content restrictions to prevent any web browsing outside of the Robin guest portal.

The guest experience


After a guest is registered, the guest will simultaneously receive an email with the details of their visit. The guest will also receive this email 4 hours prior to the visit start time so they can easily access it and check-in when they arrive.

The check-in window opens 30 minutes before the scheduled visit start time.  If a guest tries to check in any earlier prior to the 30-minute window, the check-in button will not be available and the guest will see a message directing them to come back closer to the visit start time.



The email and the portal page are unique to the guest and to the visit. It cannot be used for other guests or visits. 


When a guest arrives, they'll need to check-in using their mobile device or from the arrival display . 

A. Mobile device

Guests will need to open the email they received & follow the "Check-in for my visit" button, which takes them to the guest portal page. 

B. Arrival display

The arrival display will prompt guests to enter their email to pull up their reservation and check-in. If the guest hasn't completed the health checkpoint (& it's an office requirement), they can complete it from the display. 

Note, that the guest check-in is intended to be done once the guest has arrived at the office because it immediately alerts the host that they have arrived.


From the guest portal page, they'll tap I'm here. 



The guest will see a check-in confirmation message. This triggers an email to the host letting them know their guest has arrived.


Booking a desk for a guest

Global admins, owners, and custom roles with the delegation permission can reserve a desk for a guest using the guests' email right from the Office search page. However, keep in mind adding their email as a visitor and reserving/assigning a desk with their email does not automatically add their email in Robin as an actual Robin member. Because Robin only has an email address, the guests' name will not show up on the desk or in people searches. 

Health checkpoint for guests

If you require your employees to complete a health checkpoint before coming into the office, that will apply to guests, too. Guests will receive an email with a link to complete the checkpoint 24 hours before the visit starts (or immediately if the visit starts within 24 hours). 

  • Guests must complete & pass their checkpoint before they’re able to check in to the office.

  • Visits will be automatically canceled if a guest fails their checkpoint. If this happens, the host will be notified with an email letting them know why the visit was canceled and the status will be updated on the visitor log. 



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