Posting workplace announcements

Supported Plans

  • All plans

User Permissions Required 

  • Global Admin role (Starter+ plans)

User permissions required for custom roles

  • Announcements Location level (Enterprise plans only)


Use the Workplace Announcement feature to share real-time office updates and policies with employees. Workplace Announcements can go live immediately, or you can schedule announcements.

You can post two types of announcements: a standard announcement that lands in the "announcement inbox" or a priority announcement, which require an acknowledgment and are considered a "mandatory announcement." 

Creating announcements


Open the web dashboard, click the announcement icon in the top right corner of the Schedule homepage >  Create announcement. 

You can create a new announcement from the Office page or under Manage > Announcements. as well. 

2023-09-27_13-02-06 (1).gif


Name the announcement-- the name is visible to employees. 


Enter the announcement details.

Rich text is supported- meaning you can emphasize messages with bold, italics, underlined, & include URLs. 

Select the office(s) you want to share the announcement with.

Announcements are displayed on the Robin mobile app and web dashboard to those who have access to the selected building(s).  select_buildings.png


Decide when the announcement should go live and for how long--publish the announcement immediately or schedule the publish date. 

Same for the announcement end date --manually archive an announcement or schedule an automatic archive date & time.   




Decide which type of announcement you want to post.

A. Standard announcements don't require acknowledgment and don't pop up upon opening Robin. Instead, they live in the "announcement inbox" that everyone can access on both the web dashboard and mobile app at their leisure. 

B. Priority announcements are mandatory and require acknowledgment before continuing to use the application.  These announcements populate immediately upon opening Robin on the web dashboard and/or the mobile app when there is a new, unacknowledged announcement posted. (provided the user has been onboarded and is logged in). Use the toggle for priority messages (captured below).

Note, standard and (acknowledged) priority announcements will live in the announcement inbox for employees to reference at any time until an admin archives them. 


You can cross-post the announcement via email. Use the toggle & enter individual email addresses or group email addresses.


The email includes the option to view or acknowledge the announcement in Robin. It will look something like this:



Lastly, you can send a mobile push notification to employees that have push notifications turned on. 


Click Publish in the top right corner. Then review the announcement settings and select Publish to make it official. 


Managing announcements

Announcement log

All announcements live in the announcement log (Manage > Announcements), where you can:

  • Filter by location and announcement status.

  • View the details; announcement name, status, when, and who created it. 

  • See the number of views and acknowledgments for each announcement. 

  • Edit announcements: click on the announcement name to open and edit it.

    • Updating an announcement does NOT repost it, and therefore anyone who has already seen it will NOT see the updated version. 

  • Archive announcements: when an announcement is no longer relevant, click on the announcement name to open it > Archive in the top right corner. 

    • After an announcement is archived you can't un-archive it or reinstate it.  


Announcement analytics

For a quick announcement analysis, anyone with the Announcement posting permission can see how many views and/or acknowledgments an announcement has by viewing the announcement in the web dashboard.


To learn more about viewing announcements, follow this guide.

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