How to share reservations with co-workers

Share your flex desk reservation with co-workers so they can easily find a seat next to you in the office!

Sharing a desk reservation link

You can copy your desk reservation link from the reservation confirmation message or from the reservation details card on the left of the map.

Web dashboard

1. Open the web dashboard to the Office search page.

2. Search for a desk. 

3. Click on a desk to reserve it. 

4. Enter the reservation name.

5. Click the blue check box to confirm. 

6. Click Copy link. Or you can share your link later from the reservation details card on the left of the office map. 

7. After you've copied the link, paste it into an email, text, or app of your choice to send it to a co-worker.

You can copy and share your reservation anytime from the reservation details card on the left of the office map. 



Mobile app

1. Open the mobile app and search for a desk using the Pass tab or the Office tab. 

2. Search for a desk. 

3. Tap on a green desk to reserve it > tap Reserve. 

4. Tap Share. 

5.  Your mobile share tray should populate with your apps. Select an app to share your link in (e.g., Slack). 


Here are two examples of how a shared link appears in popular apps, like Slack and Teams:

In Slack


In Teams



What happens when someone clicks on the link

Below is an example of Lauren booking a desk near her co-worker, Lizz, who shared their desk reservation with Lauren via Slack.  2022-03-15_18-06-21__1_.gif

Future considerations on our radar:

  • Shared desk reservation information is limited in Teams, but we are exploring ways to add more information as we do in Slack.  

  • Today desk sharing links are only available for flexible desk reservations (hot & hotel). We look forward to assigned desk customer feedback for future consideration. 

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