How to coordinate your week with co-workers

The Robin mobile app gives you an at-a-glance view of what’s happening in the office and what your week looks like to help you understand when to work in-office or when to work remotely. 

Before jumping in

  1. Have you downloaded the mobile app?

  2. Have you added favorites? Favorites allow you to see when the colleagues you collaborate with the most are scheduled to be in the office and where they're sitting on the map. 

Now, coordinate your week

Book a desk


Open the mobile app & tap between the days of the week to see which day(s) make sense for you to work from the office and from home.


Tap Book a desk to join folks in the office that day.



Use the office map to find a desk to book. 

  • Tap the time field to adjust the reservation time.

  • Do you need a desk with specific equipment? Tap the filter icon in the top right corner to find a desk that has the amenities you need.



Tap a green desk for more details and the option to book it.


Tap Reserve. 



When the date you booked a desk arrives, you'll notice your schedule says "In-office" with your desk details and any tasks you're required to complete, such as checking in to your reservation.



To see all of your reservations, tap the View all reservations for a list view of all your upcoming desk reservations (captured above). 

Next, prepare for upcoming events & book spaces

To help you coordinate your work week, we highlight your scheduled events for the week and when participants plan to be in the office that day. If you have an upcoming event that doesn't have a room assigned, then you can easily add one by following the steps below. 


Tap on a day of the week to see what events you have planned for that day.


Scroll to the left to see all of your events. If you have an event that doesn't have a meeting room added to it and you'd like to attend the meeting in the office, tap Add a space. 



Select a floor. 


When you see a space that fits your needs, tap Add to event


Then you'll notice your event is updated with the room information.  



There are a few requirements in order to add a space to your scheduled event:
1. In order for Robin to surface your schedule, you must connect your calendar to Robin under your user settings in the web dashboard. (User profile > User settings > Integrations)
2. Because you're essentially editing the event when you add a space to it, you must be the organizer of the event or have delegation permission to add a space.




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