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Use the Global Hybrid Trends page to view market trends from data aggregated across all Robin customers. This data helps answer questions like, "How often is the average person coming in?", "What is the most popular day?", "What is the average utilization of the office?", not just for your own office, but across market segments and geographies. 

Global admins and custom user roles with the "View Analytics" permission can navigate to the Analytics section > click the Dashboards drop-down on the left >  Global Hybrid Trends tab to view the data and charts. 


EU-housed data is not supported

Currently, the Global Hybrid Trends view only contains data from Robin's US-based databases.

Weekly utilization 

The weekly utilization chart helps answer what percentage of available desk spaces across offices is being used.



Monthly Office Visit Frequency

The Monthly Office Visit Frequency chart helps answer how often per month is the average office-going employee comes in. 


Weekly Office Visits

The Weekly Office Visits chart helps answer how many days per week is the average employee coming in. 


Most Popular Days

The Most Popular Days chart helps answer which days of the week are busier in the office. 


Bounce Rate

The Bounce Rate chart helps answer what percent of employees come into the office and then don't return.  You can segment the data by geographical regions, company size, and industry with data going back a full calendar year. 

Example: Geographical segmentation


Example: Company size segmentation (Enterprise only)


Example: Industry segmentation (Enterprise only)

2022-05-24_07-22-10.png (One Mighty Roar is the demo organization used in the examples above and is on the Enterprise plan)


Q: Is it possible to view my data by location or building?

A: Not today, but we may reconsider based on demand.  


Q: How often does the data update?

A: It's updated at the start of each week. 


Q: Who can view the Global Hybrid Trends page?

A: Anyone in the organization with the Analytics permission.


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