Occupancy Dashboard


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Use the Occupancy dashboard for a people-centric view of who’s coming into the office, including specific departments, and for insights into what types of desks each department utilizes. 

Admins can also view the number of desks that were checked into to have a more accurate representation of who actually showed up to their desk booking.

Navigate to the Analytics page > Dashboards tab on the left > Occupancy to view the data and charts. This dashboard cannot be edited. 

Use the menus located on the top and side of the graph to see different key insights: 


Use the table to see a breakdown of the data (scroll left to see more):


Customers with Advanced Analytics:

  • Can view department-level insights if you have SCIM integration (Okta, Azure Active Directory, OneLogin) and have synced over department data.

  • If you have a SCIM integration (Okta, Azure Active Directory, OneLogin), but don't have department data synced, then you'll see "None" for departments in the filter menu and will not see any department data in the graph.

  • If you don't use any of the above integrations, refer to this guide on how to build a custom integration. Reach out to your Robin account manager for assistance!


Discover key insights 

Compare the number of desk reservations & identify the reservations that were actually checked into.


In the graph below, you can see that 21 desks were checked in to. Notice that the checked-in line is almost always lower than the number of desk reservations; therefore, you might want to roll out an announcement to remind folks to check into their desks to improve reporting accuracy. 

Keep your desk check-in policies in mind; do you require all desk types (assigned, hot & hotel) to check-in or only hot & hotel desks?


Understand office traffic on any given day


In the graph below, you can see that Fridays and Mondays tend to be the busiest days for January.


You can see the breakdown for each day in the table. Scroll to see each day of the month:


See what departments are coming into the office on a given day and assess and compare visits to other days to identify trends

In the example below, you can see that Marketing and Finance come into the office most frequently. On the flip side, Operations come in the least.


You can see the breakdown for each day in the table. Scroll to see each day of the month:


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