How to find my organization's username

If you find yourself getting stuck on the sign-in page in one of Robin's apps (web, mobile, etc), never fear! The tips below will guide you through finding the right organization name to get you signed into your account.

You can follow the video below or review the steps in the article for a tutorial on how to find your organization's username.



What is an organization username? 

When the administrator for your team's account first set up Robin, he or she created a unique username for your organization. If your office contains just your company, then the username is typically your company's name. If many companies share an office, then the username is typically the name of the co-working environment you're part of. 


Tips for finding your organization's username

Clicking "We'll send you a reminder", will prompt you to enter your email address. Robin will send you the organization name and direct sign in link associated with your account. 
Haven't created an account yet? If you are responsible for setting up Robin on behalf of your company, you can do so here: If you are looking to join an existing organization, reach out to the account admin on your team for an invite. 
 If you're an administrator and are setting up a room display, you can find your organization's username in the web dashboard, by navigating to Settings > Devices > Activate a room display


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