Badge Data CSV Uploader

Robin customers are now able to manually upload access control data to increase the accuracy of historical check in and office attendance data. Here is everything you’ll need to get started: 

  • Access to your badge swipe data. In order to manually upload the data, you’ll need to export a CSV file of the data that includes the following information: 
    • Timestamp 
    • Email address
  • Admin permissions with ability to manage integrations

Once you have a correctly formatted CSV file ready to upload, follow these steps to get the data into Robin. 

  • Navigate to Manage → Integrations
  • On the Integrations page, scroll down to the Badge Integrations section and select Manage Import Badge Data from CSV
  • Select Upload CSV
  • Select a Location and Door Access Vendor
  • Choose a .csv file or drag the file into to the upload section
  • Review the file for any errors
  • Select Import

Your file will appear in the file list with the file name, building and file status. For files that encountered an error you’ll have the ability to review the errors and optionally force a retry. Please note that forcing a retry cannot be undone and the file will be processed with errors that will either be omitted or can negatively affect your data. In order to force retry, you’ll need to type in an acknowledgement before proceeding. 



Why should I upload historical badge swipe data? 

  • Importing badge data from your access control vendor can increase the accuracy of check-in and attendance data. This is particularly helpful for organizations that use permanently reserved desks, low check-in rates or users that come to the office without a desk reservation. 

What type of errors should I be on the lookout for? 

  • Using the correct file format is integral in ensuring that high quality data is uploaded into Robin. Be sure to use the correct column headers, timestamp format and that emails are valid. Additionally, you’ll want to be sure that the user emails are valid Robin users and that the building/location matches the default location you’re uploading the file to. 

Can I upload multiple files? 

  • Yes! You can upload multiple files for multiple locations. The badge imports page will show previous file names, the building they were uploaded to and the status of the file. 

For further assistance or to report an issue not covered in this document, please contact our support team at

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