Robin app for Microsoft Teams

With the Robin app for Teams, you can easily see who is in the office that week and choose to join teammates, which spaces are free, and receive timely flexible desks and/or room notifications without having to switch between apps.

Add Robin to Teams 

MS Teams allows you to highlight and install applications on the behalf of your users. Follow the steps below to manage the app's setup policies. For more context please see Microsoft’s documentation: Manage app setup policies in Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Teams

Add Robin from the Teams directory.
Select Add to install the application. 
From the MS Teams admin console, navigate to Teams apps > Setup policies. Then edit the default "Global (Org-wide default)" policy or create a new one if you wish to restrict the installation to specific users/groups.
To install the application on behalf of all users in the policy, click Add apps under installed apps and search for the Robin application.


Managing notifications

Once the Robin app is installed, you can choose the type of notifications you want to receive. Users can set their preferences from the Teams integration itself:


Receiving Robin notifications in Teams

Keep your schedule running smoothly with Teams reminders for things like your upcoming desk reservation or scheduled meetings for the day. 


Assigned desks not supported yet

Only hot/hotel desk check-in notifications are supported today. We plan to add assigned desk check-ins in the future.

If your office uses the desk check-in feature and a reservation is booked ahead of the confirmation window, then the reservee will receive a check-in notification at the start of the confirmation window. 

You can check in or release your desk reservation right from Teams. It will look something like this:


Meeting rooms & events

You’ll receive a notification for every upcoming event, and if you’re the organizer and the event is attached to a space, you’ll see an option to confirm.



Using Robin within Teams

If an administrator has installed the Robin application on your behalf it should appear in the pinned sidebar.
If the application is not installed, click the Apps section in the sidebar and search for the Robin application.


Click Add to install the app to a chat. 
Then try messaging the Robin user in the Teams app and you'll be prompted to log in to Robin.
Click Sign in to Robin and follow the login prompt. You will receive a notification once you've successfully signed in. (captured above)

List of available commands

  • Help: Returns a help dialog using the bot

  • Who's coming in [select location]: Fetches a summary of everyone that is planning to come into the office that week. 

  • Where is [person]: Finds where a person is currently sitting

  • Where is [space]: Retrieves space details

  • Free at [location]: Fetches meeting room availability for location

Using the Robin bot

In a Teams channel type "@Robin" to pull up the Robin bot and select a command from the list. We've provided some examples below. 

Example of Who's coming in [select location]:

After selecting the "Who's coming in" command, the Robin bot will ask you to select an office location from the drop-down menu. 


The Robin bot will share a digest of who's going into that office that week. It will look something like this:


Click Update your plans to see a more detailed list of everyone that is planning to go into the office each day and the option to join them. Clicking Join takes you to Robin where you can finish making your plans.  


Example of Where is [person]: Finds where a person currently is sitting. 


Example of Where is [space]: Retrieves space details for a meeting room with the option to reserve it if it's available.


Example of Free at [location]: Fetches meeting room availability for a location.



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