Using Zoom with Robin

Using Zoom with Robin allows you to add a Zoom link when scheduling events in the Robin dashboard or mobile app via the event composer.  The Zoom integration is connected on the individual level under your user settings after a Zoom account owner/admin has pre-approved the Robin app in the Zoom Marketplace. 

Note: If your organization requires Zoom Marketplace apps to be pre-approved before folks can connect apps to their Zoom accounts, then you'll need to reach out to an internal admin directly or use the "Request pre-approve" option from the Zoom Marketplace before connecting your Zoom account with Robin. 


Connecting a Zoom account

To access your personal integrations, navigate to your Avatar > User Settings > Integrations


In the integrations section, click Connect for Zoom.
Enter your credentials to sign in to your Zoom account. 



Accept the terms to allow Robin to access your Zoom account.



Using Zoom with Robin

Adding Zoom meetings to your Robin events is easy! You can add a Zoom meeting via the event composer in the web dashboard and the mobile app. In the Robin dashboard, there are 2 versions of the event composer depending on how your organization is set up in Robin; both versions support Zoom meetings. 


Zoom video conferencing links can only be added to new events and cannot be added to existing meetings in Robin.


Adding Zoom links using the web dashboard

Select the best fit space from the Map and create a new event. This opens the event composer.

A. Event composer 1.0:

Select Zoom from the video conferencing options in the top right corner of the event composer.


B.  Event composer 2.0:

Click  + Video conferencing in the bottom right corner of the composer then select Zoom to add a zoom link. 


Warning: Video conferencing links can only be added to new events and cannot be added to existing meetings. 

How to add a Zoom link using the mobile app

In the Schedule tab, click the floating + bubble to create a new event.
From the event composer, tap the Book a space field to add a space to your event. This will populate a Zoom toggle option.  Note,  for Zoom to populate a room needs to be added first. 


Then finish filling in the event details > Create. 


Then the meeting invitation, within Robin and all calendar systems, will include Zoom links to join. Invitees will also see the option to "Join Zoom Meeting" from Robin. 



Uninstalling the integration

Remove Zoom from Robin 

1. Navigate to the Integrations tab under your user settings  > Zoom > select remove.


Then confirm you want to remove your connected Zoom account:



Remove Robin from Zoom

1. Log into your Zoom account and navigate to the Zoom app marketplace. 

2. Click Manage > Installed apps or search for the Robin Powered app. 

3. Click the Robin Powered app.

4. Click Uninstall. 


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