Using Zoom with Robin

The Zoom integration is in beta and available in Q1 2018.


  • Integration enabled by admin
  • zoom logoZoom account

Unable to Select Zoom from Add Ons

    There are two reasons for this error:
  • If the email account used for Robin and Zoom do not match, you won't be able to create a Zoom event in Robin.
  • Your organization must add your email to their Zoom Users. Reach out to an Admin in your organization for more detail.


Adding a Zoom link to an event

Once enabled for your organization, adding Zoom meetings to your Robin events is easy. From the Add-Ons tab, select the Zoom checkbox. Complete the event by selecting a space, adding invitees, and book.Screen_Shot_2017-11-30_at_12.32.17_PM.png

The meeting invitation, within Robin and all calendar systems, will include links to join. Invitees also will see the option to Join Zoom Meeting from Robin. 



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