Email template for desk check-ins

This example aims to provide a suggestion for your email announcement and we've highlighted in red the pieces that likely need extra attention. Be sure to give it all a thorough read so that it fits your office environment.

Subject: Desk check-ins now required via Robin

Hi everyone,

We're launching a new policy in Robin that will send you an email reminder and ask you to confirm your Robin desk reservations.

You'll book your desk as you normally would through Robin, but now you will receive an email asking you to confirm your desk booking 2 hours before the start of your desk reservation.

Here's what to expect:

  • There is a 2 hour confirmation window set up, so if you need to book a reservation that starts within that time frame of the next 2 hours, we'll automatically check you in to that reservation and won't send you an email reminder.
  • If you have a multi-day reservation, we will send you an email reminder for every day you have a desk booked in case your plans change.
  • You can confirm or cancel the reservation by scanning the QR code on your desk or signing into the web dashboard or mobile app.

The goal of this is so that we know if you're still planning to come into the office to use your desk reservation. This allows us to maintain a safe capacity, and helps us to make sure we can track who was in on any given day and where they sat for safety reasons.


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