Introducing Robin: Quick start guide & template

You're here because you're ready to introduce Robin to your employees. Fortunately, this is the fun part! They may already know that something new is on the horizon to enhance their office experience, but we suggest sending out a small introduction or a quick heads-up to start. It may be as simple as,

Hello team,

Starting on [date], we'll be using Robin Powered to make our bookings in the office - this will help us take our office experience to the next level. You'll have much more visibility into what's happening in the office and collaborating with the right people on the right days will be much easier.

In [a couple of weeks], you'll receive more thorough instructions on how to navigate Robin and the policies we've put in place.

Now you can get started on the more thorough introduction to Robin. Below you'll find some information on the employee experience itself. Then using our New User Quickstart PDF, plug in any additional information that's relevant to your Robin rollout. And to make it even easier, we have a video welcome to Robin tutorial too!


Helpful information for admins to know about member experience:

It's helpful to know that anyone you keep as a Member (default user role) will only have access to three views: Office, Schedule, and People. If you're on Premier, you can remove the People tab from Member's view for extra privacy (you can do this using Roles and Permissions).

Your users will be mostly living out of the Office tab. This is where your office map is displayed with all of your office resources that are available for booking.

  • Users will be limited in what they can do and limited in what and how they can book - all of this is set by admins.

  • Desks that are available to them for booking will show as green. They will only be able to make reservations for themselves, so the pop-up window after clicking on a flexible desk will display "Reserve." This is in contrast to admins seeing "Reserve for..." as they can reserve on behalf of others. The only exception to this is if you've given a Member delegate permission under Roles (Premier only).

  • Members will not see the Edit floor dropdown menu.

What are you expecting out of your employees in their use of Robin?

First things first-- what are your expectations for your employees and their use of Robin?

If you need some guidance on this, we suggest that every person in your office has a desk booked in Robin for the day. That way, they show up on the Daily Roster and all of your desk analytics will accurately reflect your office attendance. Even if they're only utilizing a conference room or a collaboration space, desk reservations are the best way to keep track of your office attendance as of today. 

Important things to include in your introduction to Robin: 

Once you've provided your expectations of how you want Robin used, it's time to let them know some important details that they'll run into as they make their bookings. 

One of the most helpful things to communicate to your employees are the policies that you've set for your office, especially for desk reservations. 

  • How far in advance can employees book? 

  • How long can they make their reservation for?

  • Are there any specific areas in the office for specific teams?

  • When they book, are they expected to check in?

  • What methods of check-in are encouraged?

  • When they book a desk, are they expected to complete a health checkpoint before heading into the office?

Empower your employees and their use of Robin:

Encourage your employees to download the mobile app! This will allow them to make their bookings on the go, confirm their bookings, see who else is due to come into the office, and much more. 

If you're using QR/NFC codes on your desks for check-ins and bookings, employees will need the mobile app. 


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