How to check in to your desk

Check in to your desk with a tap of a button using any Robin platform and/or everyday tools, like email and Slack. Follow this guide to learn the various ways you can check-in (or cancel) your desk and how to stay on top of your desk reservations with reminder notifications. 

How it works

You can check in to a desk any time from the start of the confirmation window to the end of the reservation. 

Assigned desk check-ins are tied to the building work hours and the advance check-in window. For example, if the advance check-in window is set to 4 hours and the office opens at 8am then you can check in to your assigned desk starting at 4am.

If you decide you no longer need your desk tap Release desk/Not coming in and then:

  • For assigned seats, we'll make note that you're "Not coming in" and your desk will be greyed out. (Unavailable) You will not lose your seat assignment. ⏰ You need to check in every day for assigned seats. 

  • For a hot desk reservation (single day), the reservation is canceled and the desk becomes available for others to use. 

  • For hotel desks (multi-day), we'll release your desk for that day only and it becomes available for others to use for that day. ⏰ You need to check in each day in a multi-day

Desk sharing

If your office allows desk sharing, you will not receive the checkpoint on the days you've shared your seat. 



Checking in via email

When a reservation is booked ahead of the confirmation window, you'll receive a check-in reminder email at the start of the confirmation window.

You can open the email from any device, then simply tap Check in or tap Release desk if you no longer need it. Logging into Robin is not required. 


And then you'll see a confirmation message that will look something like this:


Checking in via web

Once a reservation is past the start of its confirmation window, you can check-in directly from the Office search page.  If you decide not to use the desk, (skip the checkpoint if required &) select Not coming in. 


If your office requires the health checkpoint you'll need to complete that first and then the check-in option will appear. 


You can also follow the View upcoming desks link which takes you to your user profile page where you can manage your desk reservations/assignments, like checking in. 


Checking in via mobile 

You'll see the desk check-in prompt on the Pass tab during an active desk reservation that's within the confirmation window. If your office requires you to complete a health survey before heading into the office, you'll need to complete that first, and then you'll see the option to check in.  

If you no longer need the desk reservation, tap Not coming in. 



Checking in via a desk sticker 

Checking in via Slack & Teams notification (hot & hotel desks only)

With the Robin app for Slack & Teams, you can receive timely desk notifications without having to switch between apps. When a reservation is booked ahead of the confirmation window, the reservee will receive a check-in notification at the start of the confirmation window.

You can check in or release your desk reservation right from Slack or Teams. It will look something like this:



Managing check-in reminder notifications

Manage your reminder notifications to help you stay on top of your desk reservations and seat assignments. We offer a few options, choose which one works best for you.

Mobile push notifications

Use Robin mobile push notifications to receive a reminder to check in to your desk for the day. 

Android users:

Desk check-in push notifications are enabled by default, no action required. To opt-out, adjust the notifications on your device. 

iOS users:

New users logging into the mobile app for the first time will be prompted to opt-in to push notifications. Current Robin users can opt-in via the Pass tab after reserving a desk. 


Email & Slack notification reminders

Manage email and Slack desk reservation reminders under your user settings. Navigate to your avatar > user settings > notifications. 


Note, in order for you to receive Slack notifications, a Robin admin must first add Robin to your organization's Slack workspace. Then you need to connect your individual Slack account under your user settings > integrations. 

Is your office implementing the abandoned desk protection policy? (Applies to hot/hotel desks only)

When you book something in advance, there’s always a chance that plans will change and you may not end up needing what you booked. 

If your office policies include desk check-ins and abandoned desk protection, then you'll need to check in to your desk sometime between the start of the confirmation window and the end of the abandoned desk threshold or else it will be canceled. 

Example: A desk has check-ins and abandoned desk protection enabled, with a one-hour advance confirmation window and a two-hour abandoned desk threshold.

If you book a reservation for tomorrow starting at 9:00 am, you'll need to check in between 8:00 am (one hour before start) and 11:00 am (two hours after start) in order to keep their seat.

We'll send you an email notification if your desk reservation is automatically canceled that will look something like this:



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