How to check in to meetings

Even though a meeting is on the schedule it would help everyone in your office to understand if a meeting is likely to still happen. With Robin, you have an opportunity to confirm, check in, or delete the meeting shortly before it starts, thanks to in-app reminders and room display cues.

In this guide, you'll learn how to check in to meeting rooms by tapping "Check-in or Start meeting" on the display app, or by confirming the space ahead of time from the mobile app, Slack integration, or the web dashboard.

Checking in via room display

Checking in via web dashboard

1. Navigate to the Schedule tab to pull up your event.


2. From the event details module, you'll see one of two things:

A. You'll see the "Ready to check-in" action menu in the top right corner if you're within the confirmation window. 


B. If it's too early to check-in then you'll see something like "Check-in after xx:xx". 


Checking in on mobile app

1. Open the mobile app > tap the calendar icon in the top right corner > locate your upcoming event. 

2. If you're within the event confirmation window, then you can check-in/confirm the event is still happening.


Checking in via email 

If you've enabled the "unconfirmed event" email notification setting under your user settings, you'll receive an email reminder for any upcoming unconfirmed events. It'll look something like this: 


Checking in via Slack 

When you enable the "unconfirmed event" Slack notification setting under your user settings AND you're the organizer of the meeting, then you'll receive a reminder to confirm your event for that meeting space. 


Checking in via Teams

You’ll receive a notification for every upcoming event, and if you’re the organizer and the event is attached to a space, you’ll see an option to confirm.



Check in's  + abandoned meeting protection

If your office implements the abandoned meeting protection it's important to note that there are two kinds of meetings that don't require confirmations, and will not automatically remove events from the room's schedule:


Meetings that are 8 hours or more (i.e. all-day events), because showing up at midnight to confirm your all-day seminar is probably not a great experience.


Meetings booked (from Robin only!) within your set confirmation window (the default setting is less than two hours in advance), including impromptu meetings on the room display, will automatically confirm since they fall inside the confirmation window. The average organization on Robin will see about 15% of their total meetings fall into this category. You can customize this confirmation period via scheduling settings.

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