Manage your personal account

You can manage key pieces of your personal Robin user account from your profile page on the web dashboard. Use the table of contents in the top right of this guide to explore everything you can do from your user profile page. 


From the web dashboard, click the avatar > User settings


Change your profile picture

We've given you a default avatar image, but we're confident your face looks better. To add or change your profile photo, visit the Personalization tab on your User Settings page.

Click Upload photo and select a square image that's under 5Mb. We recommend 120 x 120 pixels for best results, but we'll automatically resize any uploads for you. 

Change your username

To change your username, visit the Personalization tab on your User Settings page and find the field labeled “Username”. After entering your new username, click Save Changes.

Robin usernames must be unique (like you!), and Robin will advise you to choose a new username if someone else has already claimed your first pick. If this happens to you, try adding a 1 or special character to the end of your preferred username, this usually does the trick. 


Add or change your email address

To add, change, or remove an email address, go to your Profile > User Settings > Personalization & click Add New Email.
Enter your secondary email address, click Save Changes, then check your email account for a verification email from Robin.
Once a secondary email address is verified, you can promote it to be your primary address. The primary address is where Robin sends your meeting invites by default

You can remove secondary emails at any time by clicking Remove.


Set your workplace preferences 

Change how Robin works for you & set a few workplace preferences to enhance your user experience. 

Set a default office location

If you work for a company with many office locations, we recommend setting a default office location. Your default office will be your primary view when you open the Robin dashboard or mobile app, with the option to switch between offices and floors. (See image below)

Navigate to your user profile > User Settings > Personalization > Scroll to "Workplace preferences". 
Select your preferred location from the dropdown list.

Set the day of the week your calendar starts on 

Navigate to your user profile > User Settings > Personalization > Scroll to "Workplace preferences".
Select the day of the week you would like your calendar view to start on from the dropdown list. (See image below)


Change your default timezone 

By default, the web dashboard will use your browser's local timezone for scheduling reservations. You can update this to fit your needs. Today, the timezone and 24-hour setting can only be configured on the user level. 

Note: the timezone setting applies to the web dashboard only. Other Robin apps (e.g. mobile) rely on your device settings.

Navigate to your Profile > User settings > Personalization > Under "Workplace preferences" > scroll down to "Localization". Then select your desired timezone from the dropdown menu. Once changed, you'll see times update to reflect the new time zone throughout the web dashboard. Give the page a refresh after updating for the best results. 


You can confirm the active timezone in the bottom right of your screen.



Or show schedules in 24-hour time

By default, Robin uses the 12-hour clock with AM and PM to display time. If you'd like your web dashboard or mobile app views to display 24-hour time instead, here's how to update: 

Web dashboard

Navigate to your Profile > User settings > Personalization > Under "Workplace preferences" > Scroll down to "Localization".
Check the box to show times with a 24-hour clock within the web dashboard. Then select Save and Reload


"Will this update the timing across my organization?"

All settings found under your profile are personal preferences for your use only. The 24-hour time setting & preferred timezone setting are personal settings that don't impact anyone else in your organization. 

Mobile app

The Robin mobile app respects device level settings. If your phone is already set to show 24-hour time, then Robin will match.

To update, navigate to your phone's Settings > Date and Time > 24 hour time 

Updating notification preferences

Click on your Profile > User Settings from the dropdown menu. Select Notifications on the left side tool bar.

Here you can update your notification preferences for reservation notifications, weekly office digests, beta feedback, and abandoned meetings.

Below are the notifications that are enabled by default for non-admins--Check/Uncheck the box next to each type of notification you would like to receive. 


Supported integrations

Integrate your individual Google or Office 365 email accounts, Zoom account, Bluejeans account,  and/or Slack account with Robin to access a handful of additional features and customized scheduling. 

Connect your email account

Check out this guide to learn more about the additional features you unlock after connecting your email account. 

Navigate to your User Settings by clicking on your Profile > User Settings > Integrations.

From the Integrations page, Connect either your G Suite or Office 365 account. 


When you connect your account, you're giving Robin permission to access the following information:

  • View your email address
  • View your contacts
  • Manage your calendars 

 Note: your account will be connected automatically if you sign into Robin using Single Sign-On.


Connect video conferencing 


Add a Zoom link when scheduling events in the Robin dashboard or mobile app via the event composer. 

Note: If your organization requires Zoom Marketplace apps to be pre-approved before folks can connect apps to their Zoom accounts, then you'll need to reach out to an internal admin directly or use the "Request pre-approve" option from the Zoom Marketplace before connecting your Zoom account with Robin. 

To access your personal integrations, navigate to your Avatar > User Settings > Integrations


In the integrations section, click Connect for Zoom.
Enter your credentials to sign in to your Zoom account. 



Accept the terms to allow Robin to access your Zoom account.


Next up, create your first meeting with a Zoom link attached!

BlueJeans account

Add BlueJeans video conferencing links to meetings you create using the Robin dashboard (only- not supported on mobile app). 

1. From your Avatar > User Settings > Integrations.


2. Scroll down to the BlueJeans integration and click connect. 


3. Enter your account information and accept the terms.  



Connect your Slack account


Before you can connect your individual Slack account,  an admin must first integrate and authorize Robin + Slack on the organization level. Reach out to your office admin if you're not seeing the option to connect your Slack account under your user settings. 

Navigate to your avatar > User settings > Integrations
In the integrations section, select Connect.

If you're not able to select the connect button, reach out to an internal admin for assistance. 


Click Sign in with Slack.


From here, click Continue in the Slack popup window to authorize access to your Slack account. Be sure that the dropdown in the upper right corner is set to your organization's connected workspace. 


Once you’ve connected your account, you’ll receive a Slack message confirming the integration was a success.



After you've connected your individual Slack account with Robin, choose the type of notifications you want to receive here. 

What about Teams?

We do support a Teams integration with Robin, however, it's configured a little differently than the rest of the individual integrations. Reach out to your office admin or IT dept for assistance.


Reset your password

If you've logged in at least once before successfully, you can reset your password. Follow the video below or review the steps in the article to reset your password.

Forgot your password? You're in the right place. 

Go to: and enter the email address you used to sign up for Robin. This is most likely your work email.  
Then, check your email for a password reset link. Follow the link to create your new password. 

Common pitfalls

If you didn't receive a password reset email from Robin, here are some possible reasons why:

  • The password reset email may have gone to your spam folder
  • You may have used a different email address to create your Robin account 

Change your password

To change your password, visit the Security tab on your User Settings page. After inputting your current password and new password, click Save Changes.

If you've forgotten your current password, you can always reset by clicking "Reset it" and following instructions sent to your email.


Deactivate your account

To deactivate your account, visit the Security tab under your User Settings page. Click Deactivate Account to send an email to the Robin Support team, and your account will be disabled shortly after.

If you are the sole owner or admin of an active team on Robin, Robin asks that you first assign someone else to the owner role, so all team data isn't lost.

Keep in mind

There is no option to reactivate an account once it's been deactivated.

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