Why isn't my event showing up in the mobile app?

Your schedule is populated with events happening in Robin powered spaces by default, and with any events on calendars you've linked. 

After loading your schedule for the first time, the app will automatically refresh the schedule view with available changes every few minutes. The mobile app gets updates about changes to your schedule in a few ways. 

Syncing from Robin

Events booked in Robin powered spaces sync from the Robin servers, and should appear in the app within seconds. 

If you're not seeing events show up in the mobile app, it may mean Robin is having trouble connecting to your company's calendars. This can happen when credentials change, or when room resources have been reassigned.

An administrator for your team's Robin account can help by making sure your team's calendar integration is in good standing. 

It could also mean the app is having trouble talking to Robin due to network connectivity errors, such as no access to Internet.  

Via your phone's local calendar

Events that aren't in Robin powered spaces come from your phone's native calendar. For iPhone users, this is iCal. The frequency at which events update will depend on the Fetch new data settings for your device.

Manage the frequency of your calendar updates

Events will appear in Robin based on the settings you've enabled for your calendar on your device. For iOS users, these settings can be managed from your Device Settings by navigating to Settings > Calendar > Accounts > Fetch New Data.

Confirm that the calendars you use with Robin are set to Fetch new data. Enabling push notifications from the server and fetching data frequently ensures that events sync quickly to your device, and then to your mobile app. Battery life on your phone may be impacted by higher fetch frequency. 




Common Pitfalls

When an app won't respond, try a force close and then reopen the Robin app again.

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