HRIS data in Robin

Robin supports several ways to sync HRIS (human resources information system) data into Robin to create additional context about what’s going on in the office for both admins and end users. Data from your HRIS can be synced into Robin via SCIM for Enterprise customers or by manually uploading a CSV file.

See more on provisioning and managing members with SCIM here, including details on how to configure the integration with our supported identity providers Okta, Azure Active Directory, and OneLogin. 

If you are not an Enterprise customer or do not utilize SCIM for provisioning and managing users, you can still upload name, email, department, title, and manager information via CSV upload. See more detailed instructions here.

Robin uses this information to provide more specific utilization analytics to admins as well helping everyday users understand more context about who is in the office and which days it could make the most sense to visit based on when your manager, department, or team is planning on being in.

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