How to bulk invite members via CSV import

The easiest way to invite a large group of people to join your team on Robin is to upload a CSV file with a list of email addresses. Watch the tutorial or follow the steps outlined below.

Sample format

Robin's import tool supports two columns, name & email (required). Headers are case-sensitive, so be sure to check your capitalization before uploading. Your CSV should look something like this:


Save your spreadsheet with the .csv file extension.


How to upload a CSV to Robin


Log into the web dashboard with an administrator account. From Manage > People, click on Invite new members.


In the pop-up modal, select Upload .csv file. Choose the file you'd like to upload. 


The email addresses of your team will fill in automatically. If your team will be logging in via a username & password method only, select Send invite. This automatically sends an email with a link to set up a Robin user account.

If you prefer users to log in via single sign-on, but need to configure user groups before your launch, select Add without invitations. This will add folks to Robin, but it will not send the automated email invitation. 


If I use the "Add without invitation" option is there a way to send invitations later down the road?

Yes, you can either reupload the same CSV and then select the Send invitations option this time or you can manually send an invite to individual people using the "Resend" link next to each person's name under the Manage > People tab.

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