SCIM provisioning using OneLogin's connector app


  • Admin access in Robin
  • Robin's Advanced Authentication + User Management
  • OneLogin admin access

This guide covers steps to configure provisioning for Robin using OneLogin's connector App. 

Provisioning features Robin supports:

  • Push New Users: New users created through Onelogin will also be created in Robin.

  • Push Groups: Groups created through Onelogin will also be created in Robin. 

  • Push profile updates: Updates made to the user's profile through Onelogin will be pushed to Robin. 

  • Push User Suspension: Suspending the user or disabling the user's access to the application through Onelogin will deactivate the user in Robin.

  • Reactivate Users: User accounts can be reactivated in the application. 


The following attributes are required as part of your OneLogin configuration:


  • Department

  • Email

  • FirstName

  • Groups   *Confirm the "Include in User provisioning" box is checked

  • LastName

  • NameID

  • SCIM Username

  • Title

  • DisplayName

To configure your provisioning settings, you'll need to have administrator permissions and access to the Robin web dashboard and you'll need to have OneLogin admin access to install apps in OneLogin. 

Generate a token in Robin

1. From the web dashboard, navigate to Manage > Integrations > SCIM provisioning > Manage.


2. From the SCIM integration page, generate a SCIM token. Copy this token and head over to Onelogin's management portal to complete the setup.


3. In a new browser tab, open the OneLogin management portal and add the Robin application. 


4. Within the configuration tab, enter the access token that you copied from Robin in the SCIM base URL field and then click Enable


5. Select the provisioning features you want to enable; they should look like the image below. 


6. Click Save and start assigning people to the app.  



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