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Robin is made for teams. Once you've created your organization, add your team! Robin supports several ways to add your team. This guide focuses on how to add folks manually. 

Before jumping in, there are a few things to think about first:



Adding users

You must be an account owner or admin to add or invite folks to your Robin account. You can read more about member roles here.

Log into the web dashboard and visit Manage > People.
Click Add people. 
Add users individually or in bulk using the csv import option.  
If your team will be logging in via a username & password method only, then leave the Send invites via email toggle on. This automatically sends an email with a link to set up a Robin user account.
If you prefer users to log in via single sign-on but need to configure user groups before your launch, toggle OFF the "Send invites via email" setting. This will add folks to Robin, but it will not send the automated email invitation. 


Is there a way to send invitations later down the road if I disable the "Send invites via email" option?

Yes, you can either reupload the same CSV and then select the Send Invitations via email option this time or you can manually send an invite to individual people using the "Resend" link next to each person's name under the Manage > People tab.



The invite email

When you click Send Invitation, an email invite goes out to everyone on your list. Co-workers should keep an eye out for an invite email from <> with a subject line like this:

Subject: You are invited to join {your team} on Robin


* Warning: we've seen the email invite get stuck in folk's spam/junk folder from time to time.

When they click on the link, Robin will walk them through account creation and automatically add them to your organization.





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