Getting Started: Groups & Permissions

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Tired of the Sales team constantly booking your 5 person meeting room for that 1:1 client call? You’re in exactly the right place. Whether you’re using SCIM or not, we breakdown how to manage Groups and Permissions below:

Without SCIM

Offices without SCIM will manage their Groups and Permissions entirely inside Robin.

  1. Create Groups & Add Users
  2. Create Roles
  3. Add Permissions to Roles 


Offices with SCIM will need to configure Groups and Permissions inside Robin initially; but once you’re setup—the rest runs on auto-pilot and can be managed almost entirely from your Active Directory. 

  1. Create Roles
  2. Add Permissions to Role
  3. Configure Robin for SCIM
    1. Enabling the automatic provisioning/deprovisioning features within your Active Directory will allow Robin to constantly keep things in sync.
  4. Push Users and Groups to Robin
    1. Done within your Active Directory
  5. Connect Groups to the correct Roles
    1. See Step 1 Resource
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