About Robin Spaces


In Robin, a Space is most commonly a room inside of your office, such as a conference room. You can also use spaces as a way of marking common areas such as the cafeteria. Spaces can be created on a map for an interactive experience and may have calendars, devices (i.e., Room Displays), and other information connected with it. 

When you connect a calendar system, such as Google or Office 365, employees can view room availability, book rooms for meetings, and manage their reservations in Robin. 

You can think of the hierarchy like this: Acme Inc (Organization) > San Francisco (Campus) > 25 Broadway (Building) > Floor 3 (Level) > Conference Room (Space)

Spaces belong to a Building and a Level/floor. Levels/floors are required for office map configuration.

"Are spaces the same thing as calendars?"

Even though most spaces in your organization will have a calendar, you should view them as two separate things in Robin-land during setup. Spaces without a paired calendar show up as "On-Demand" and cannot be booked in advance. You can still use the room display apps to claim them on a "Check-in/out" basis. 


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