Getting started with room displays


A room display is a digital signage that provides clear accurate schedules right at the door with Robin's companion app, Rooms. Room displays are great for bookings, showing a room’s availability and helping answer the question, “Is this room free when I need it?”  

Robin Meeting Rooms provides additional features like a "check-in" option and abandoned meeting protection to mitigate meeting room “theft” or "ghosted" meetings, which are a common theme in offices. 


This guide assumes you’ve already set up your spaces and you’ve connected room calendars to spaces in Robin. If you still need to do that head this way first- add spaces to your Robin office and/or connect your room calendars to Robin.

Follow the steps below to get started with Robin Rooms:

  1. Download the room display app called Robin Rooms

  2. Pair a room display with a space

    1. For Enterprise companies with an MDM provider, you can also follow Setting up room displays with MDM

  3. Decide what control buttons you want available on the display. Some configurations to consider:

    1. The ability to book a room by scanning a QR code with a mobile device 

      1. QR codes are automatically generated and turned on by default. Admins can disable the QR code functionality in the web dashboard under the "Display scheduling" settings.

    2. The ability to start an impromptu meeting, end/start meeting early, all from the display.

    3. Abandoned meeting protection controls & settings

  4. Get to know Rooms

    1. Status colors 

    2. Booking events via room display

  5. Pro tip: for the Rooms app to perform best, enable "stay awake" mode for your devices. 

    1. ipad

    2. Android

    3. Kindle

Now that you have the basics set up, you can fine-tune your room displays to match your company branding and policies.

Popular customizations

Brand room displays to match company theme

Pro tips:



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