Hiding meeting details on the display

By default, the room display shows the meeting title, organizer, and attendees by default for all non-private events. Privacy settings enable administrators to choose how much information about their team's events is shared on a per-space basis. 

  • Meetings marked as "private" will always have all meeting details obscured.
  • Mask Meeting Titles: The meeting title is replaced with "Reserved" for all booked events

  • Hide Meeting Attendees: Attendee names and avatars are hidden from view

  • Show Meeting Organizer: Only the organizer's name and avatar are shown on screen


How to change privacy settings

Administrators may enable meeting privacy on the room displays from the web dashboard. Navigate to Manage > Offices, and then click the location and space you'd like to update settings for. From the Space Management page, scroll down to Room Display and Privacy. These settings can be configured on the office building location as well, vs, per space. 

Then, toggle ON your preferred privacy settings. 



Changes aren't showing up on my display

Rooms constantly checks for new meeting updates to keep your schedules in sync, but checks for things that change less frequently - like settings - every 10 minutes. If you'd like to see your app update more quickly, open Space Info and scroll to Software & System Info. Then tap "Refresh" to manually refresh your app. 

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