QR codes for room displays

Logitech & Crestron devices

Due to these devices' unique build, the QR code feature is not available yet. An app update for Logitech or Crestron devices is coming soon, though!

When you set up room displays for your office spaces with Robin's meeting room app, Rooms, QR codes are automatically generated and turned on by default. QR codes provide:

  • Personalized ad-hoc room booking, connecting the mobile user to an existing or new reservation through the Robin mobile app. 

  • A simple way to check in to a room and meeting, which also improves occupancy data. 


Admins can disable QR codes in the web dashboard under the building and/or space settings. Navigate to Manage > select an office location (and/or space) > scroll down to "Display scheduling" > toggle off the "Allow booking with QR code" setting. 


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