Setting up room displays with MDM


  • Advanced Authentication & User Management
  • Room displays must be running version 3.1 or higher
  • Admin access within Robin
  • Admin access within your MDM provider

Robin integrates with Mobile Device Management (MDM) providers, making it easy to deploy and manage the room displays in your workplace. In this configuration workflow, you can quickly pair a fleet of devices with a set of spaces. The MDM token expires after 24 hours for initial setup.

Examples of MDM providers supported in this configuration include VMware and JAMF, although any provider following the AppConfig community standard should work as well.

Heads up:

Make sure your displays aren't running in Single App Mode or Autonomous Single App Mode while following the configuration steps listed below. Devices will not receive their space pairing while running in SAM/ASAM. You can always set this configuration once you've paired the displays. 


Initiate pairing in Robin Dashboard

Navigate to Manage > Add a device > Multiple Room Displays to begin pairing your devices.


Select the spaces to pair with devices. With this workflow, one display will be assigned randomly to each of the selected spaces. You may assign additional displays to a space, or assign specific displays to specific spaces following these steps


Copy the generated token to configure with your MDM provider. mdm-pairing.jpg

Application configuration in your MDM provider

Enable application configuration in your MDM provider and enter pairing token from Robin. The screenshots below illustrate adding the configuration through VMware and JAMF -- please refer to your MDM provider for instructions on where to enter the pairing token. 






Confirm and deploy the application configuration to your devices. Pairing should start immediately. 


Monitor progress in Robin Dashboard


Navigate to Manage>Devices to view pairing progress. Once all of the displays are paired, you're ready to mount the displays on the wall



Additional Configurations - ASAM

Supervised devices, either through the Apple Configurator or Apple's Device Enrollment Program, will support Autonomous Single App Mode (ASAM). You can enable this setting within your MDM provider to regulate displays or from the Room App directly. 

When ASAM is enabled, the Rooms app will remain in the foreground in Single App Mode. If the device were to lose connectivity, it will exit single app mode for easier troubleshooting, and then return to ASAM automatically when the app is open and the device is back online. 


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