Managing your room displays

From the web dashboard, administrators can add theming, update settings, and manage a fleet of devices.

How to manage your devices

For an overview of all of your devices and their status, navigate to Manage > Devices from the web dashboard. See which devices are online and healthy, and which devices are no longer reporting.


  • Scroll down to review all of your devices at once or filter the devices by building or status using the drop-down menus in the top center.

  • For more details about devices or to remove/edit a device, select the device name.

  • Select the space name associated with the device to review or edit the room display settings.


Device notifications are a great way to keep close tabs on your room displays with notifications in your inbox. Admins can sign up to receive notifications any time a room display goes offline. 


How are device notifications triggered?

We send device notifications when Robin hasn’t heard from the display in 30+ mins. Minuscule connectivity blips that happen from time to time aren't included. 


Troubleshooting devices that are no longer reporting

The room display will stop reporting when it hasn't been paired with a space, or when the device is no longer online or connected to power.

Devices reporting as "not assigned"

Robin will sub out a new device ID when you install or reinstall the app. Until the device is paired with a new space, it will report as "not assigned". For instructions on how to pair a display with a space, click here.

If you have no intention of re-assigning these devices, you can go ahead and delete by clicking Manage > Remove All. 


For room displays that are paired with a space, check the device to confirm that it's:

  • Connected to the internet

  • Powered up and is "on"

  • Running Rooms app version 3.0 or later

My devices are offline

If your devices consistently have trouble staying connected to wifi, these tips may help.

Software updates can be a burden on an organization's networks, in some cases causing devices to go offline. More device tips:

Customize your display & update settings 

Navigate to a space with an active room display.  Manage > Offices > Building > select space. From here, you can: 

On the space page, scroll down to manage all the settings, including booking policies, room display, and device settings.   

2023-11-03_11-59-32 (1).gif

Edit or delete a display

Continue scrolling past the display settings to Devices. Find the display you'd like to modify, hover your mouse over the display, and click Edit. In the pop-up modal, edit the device name or delete the device. Once a device is deleted from a space, the display will no longer be active. 


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