How to set up your room display

Display set up

You can follow the video below or review the steps in the article for a tutorial on how to setup your room display.

Hot tip: The room display app supports both landscape and portrait orientations.


Download Robin Rooms to your iPad, Android tablet or Kindle Fire. 
Enter your company's name in the field provided. The Rooms app will then show 6-digit PIN, which you'll use to pair the display from the web dashboard

"We couldn't find a company with that username"

Your company username will match the spelling in your team's Robin URL. For example, the username for the fictitious Acme, Inc might be acme-inc, found here: If you haven't yet set up your company on Robin, you'll need to do that before you pair your display. You can create an account here.

On another device, open your browser and log into the Robin dashboard.
Navigate to Manage > Devices. Or, for a shortcut, just go to
Click "Activate a room display".


From the dropdown menus, select the location and space you'd like to pair with the display.
Type the PIN found on the Rooms app, and then click "Activate display".
The display should activate on its own momentarily and show its new space assignment.
You're set to start using the room display. Tap "Start Meeting" to check into a meeting reservation or to create an impromptu event from the display.

Mounting Guide

Need advice for mounting your tablets? Check out our guide.

Next up

Manage your fleet of room displays from the web dashboard. Here's how. 

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