Getting to know Rooms

Robin uses a variety of methods to know when someone is in a room. We call this  presence. 

One way is through the display app, Rooms. Rooms is a companion app for Robin that runs on iPads and Android tablets. Mount displays outside of conference rooms to keep schedules and events updated in real time. 

Introduction to Rooms

Start impromptu meetings

Check in to scheduled meetings

View the daily agenda for the space


See the status of other spaces in the office

Report a problem with the room

Rooms background colors, decoded

Green = Available

Green means go. This room is available for you to use now.

Yellow = Booked

Yellow shows the room is booked, but no one has checked in.To check in, tap "Start this meeting" or post presence through beacons and the Robin mobile app.

Red = In Use

Red shows when the room is in use.Someone has started a meeting or is currently posting presence through their mobile phone. 

Viewing space details

The space details includes information about the space, like amenities and capacity. You can also report a problem with the room, or find other available rooms. Admins can update settings. 

Viewing the activity feed

Starting with Rooms v1.3, the room display will also report back activity to a feed in the web dashboard.

Administrators manage display settings from the dashboard

Once the Room Display is paired with a space, it shows up on the space details page in the dashboard.

To remotely manage display settings, navigate to the space details page in the web dashboard. Click "Manage", then scroll down to the Display header. From here, administrators can:



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