How to set up custom colors for the room display


  • Rooms app version 3.1.0+

By default, Robin uses red, yellow, and green to show a room's status.

Customize the colors on your room display to match your company's branding, or remove the "booked" state completely.  

Customize colors for the room display

Administrators, navigate to Manage > Themes & customization > scroll to "Colors" header. By default, custom colors are applied on the organizational level. To apply the colors to only a particular location, use the dropdown menu in the top right corner to select a building.

Select the color value you'd like to change, and input a hex value or select a color from the color-picker. You also have a light or dark background option. 

Click Reset to revert to the default values.

Note: These colors apply to room displays, as well as, spaces that appear on a map and time pills in dashboard. 





Show only "booked" or "available"

If you'd like to skip the confirmations and have your displays show booked/available states only, simply use the same hex value for both "In use" and "Booked" states.

This color setting is best for displays which also have Meeting check-ins and Abandoned meeting protection disabled. These room display settings can be found under the "Display Scheduling" header. 


Viewing custom colors on the room display

The room display will update and apply changes automatically within 30 minutes. To view these changes faster, open the Space info screen on the room display app. Scroll to the section labeled Software & System Info and tap Refresh

With High Visibility Mode enabled: 



With High Visibility Mode disabled: 



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