Control buttons available on the room display

By default, the room display allows full meeting controls, letting users create ad hoc events as well as modify existing events by starting or ending them early. Your organization might need to fine-tune the options. Configuration options include: 

  • Adding the room to a new or existing meeting using the QR code (requires mobile app)

  • Check in to meetings from the display(button tap and/or QR code scan with mobile app)

  • Book & start impromptu meetings from the display

  • Ending meetings early from the display

  • Start meetings early from the display (if the room is free)

  • Extend meetings from the display 

Changing which buttons appear for scheduling

Admins may update room display settings from the web dashboard. Navigate to Manage > Offices, and then click the location. From the Office location management page, scroll down to Room Display, and Display Scheduling.

You can manage these room display settings on a per-space basis, too, by clicking on a specific space and scrolling down to the same Display Scheduling settings. 

2023-12-29_18-14-31 (1).gif

From Display Scheduling, toggle on/off the settings based on your organization's needs. For now, these settings will only affect the room display. People signed into the web dashboard will still be able to schedule and modify their events.

2023-12-29_18-18-08 (1).gif

Changing general behavior

Looking to modify other settings for your display? You can also: 

Administrator restrictions

Restrict certain room display features to administrators by setting a 4-digit PIN. These features include Send Error Logs and Pair with a new space; both can be found from the Space Info menu from the display.

Changes aren't showing up on my display

Rooms constantly checks for new meeting updates to keep your schedules in sync, but checks for things that change less frequently - like settings - every 10 minutes. If you'd like to see your app update more quickly, open Space Info and scroll to Software & System Info. Then tap Refresh to manually refresh your app. 

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