Overnight screen-dimming and battery conservation

The Rooms app will automatically dim the screen's backlight during your set office hours to conserve battery. You may manually override dimming of the display by adjusting the device-level brightness of your screens.

What does good battery life look like?

If you're running the room display without a dedicated connection to power, you can still run using batteries.

Most consumer tablets (e.g. iPad) advertise up to 10 hours of use on a single charge, which is consistent with our internal benchmarks. A 10,000 mAh external battery extended this time by about 3x in our tests, giving about 30-34 hours of uptime before having to charge again.

Keep in mind this assumes you're running both 24/7 -- many of our customers with battery-only setups turn off the screens when they turn off the lights. Especially on weekends.


On iPads, no action is needed. Any manual adjustments to screen brightness will be reset again at the end of the day.


On Android devices, Robin needs permission to access the device-level settings before Robin can automatically dim the displays. 

Navigate to your app settings. Scroll down and tap "Enable Auto Brightness". This will open a device-level permissions screen. This menu item will only appear if the app doesn't have access to screen dimming yet.

Under "Allow modify system settings", flip the toggle to the "ON" position to give Robin permission to dim the display automatically at 7pm.

Display Hours

By default, the display will dim at 7pm and return to full brightness at 6am. Customize the hours for your display from the web dashboard. Select a space, then click Manage > Display > Display Hours. Times are in tablet's local timezone.

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