Managing app updates

We're in the habit of shipping new features, bug fixes, and customer requests regularly. Most of the time, these updates will be automatic so you don't need to spend your day running from room to room. 

Automatic updates

Most of the time, we'll be able to automatically push updates directly to your room displays. These include bug fixes, enhancements to the interface, new settings, etc that don't interact with your device's native settings.  

When the Rooms app receives an update, the interface will briefly flash and then reload, as seen in the video clip below. So as to not disrupt your day, updates will occur on the following schedule: 

  • Scheduled deployments: Several times a week, non-urgent updates will go out to all devices at 7pm in your local timezone. 

  • Manual deployments: In the event of a widespread bug, the patch will go out as soon as it's available. 


What happens if my device is offline?

If your device is offline when the update is released, the Rooms app will receive it once it comes back online. 

Manual updates

We try to keep manual updates to a minimum. These include bug fixes or enhancements that interact with your device's native settings. These also include major design or layout changes within the interface. A manual update is easy to do, but it is done through the Google Play or iTunes App store. 

The app version will show a blue notification when an update is available to download from the Google Play or iTunes App stores. 

Supported app versions

Updating your apps to the latest version will ensure your room displays are receiving the latest set of features.

*99% of app updates are pushed over the air and do not require a new download from the app store. The app store version is not the best way to tell when we’ve last added features to this app. 

What's the difference between Supported and Limited support?

Supported releases will receive regular automatic updates containing:

  • New features

  • Bug fixes and enhancements

  • Critical security patches

Versions with limited support will receive critical security patches only. Unsupported versions will no longer receive automatic updates from Robin.

View the Robin change log

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