How to lock displays to the Rooms app

If your room displays are left out in the open, you may worry about people closing the app to play Fruit Ninja or watch Netflix. Fortunately, both iPad and Android have a "kiosk mode" that solves this problem. With a simple device-level setting enabled, you can prevent wandering coworkers from easily closing a specific app.

Android tablets

Pinning is available for tablets running Android 5.0 and higher and locks a selected app to the display.


Guided Access mode limits your iPad to running one app at a time.

Kindle Fire

Parental controls on the Kindle Fire restrict access to certain apps, including the Amazon app store. To lock the Kindle Fire down further, 3rd-party apps offer additional controls. 

How to block automatic updates from iOS

Apple iOS updates can be a burden on organization's networks, in some cases causing devices to go offline. Click here for some tips on blocking automatic iOS updates so you can manage updates when the timing is best for you.

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