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In Robin, a Space is most commonly a room inside of your office, such as a conference room. You can also use spaces as a way of marking common areas such as the cafeteria. Spaces can be created on a map for an interactive experience and may have calendars, devices (i.e. Room Displays), and other information connected with it. 

You can think of the hierarchy like this: Acme Inc (Organization) > San Francisco (Campus) > 25 Broadway (Building) > Floor 3 (Level) > Conference Room (Space)

Spaces belong to a Building, and a Level/floor. (levels/floors are required for office map configuration)

"Are spaces the same thing as calendars?"

Even though most spaces in your organization will have a calendar, you should view them as two separate things in Robin-land during set up. Spaces without a paired calendar show up as "On-Demand" and cannot be booked in advance. You can still use the room display apps to claim them on a "Check-in/out" basis.

Setting up Spaces 

This is the fun part-- adding spaces to your office map!  Use the Layout tool to set up spaces, including space booking policies, amenities, and more for an interactive workplace experience.

In this guide, we cover how to add spaces. Refer to the Layout tool guide for steps on adding desks and points of interests. If you haven’t set up a map yet, reach out to your account manager so we can convert your floor plans!


Add spaces to map

A. To create a new space, click the space icon in the top toolbar --> click on the desired location on the map and the space will automatically snap into the outlined shape. 

B. To add an existing space, drag and drop it from the "add space to map" list on the left panel. 


🔥 Hot tip: speed things up with the "Add another" option or copy and paste with keyboard shortcuts.



Edit space shape

Use the points on the space lines to refine the shape. 



Configure basic space settings

Use the module on the right to add the space information:

  • Space name

  • Upload a photo

  • Set capacity

  • Select the space type

  • Accessibility checkbox option

  • Add helpful notes for employees 




Choose how the space will be used

Use the Schedule tab & drop-down selections to configure the advanced settings. There are 3 different ways a space can be used:

On-demand spaces: Supports ad hoc meetings. Do not add a calendar if users should not be able to reserve the space in advance. 

Scheduled space: Spaces that users can reserve in advance and can see it's availability from the office map. This requires pairing a unique resource calendar to the space. Supports scheduled & ad hoc meetings. Follow the configuration prompts to connect a calendar. If calendars aren't populating, make sure a calendar system is connected under Manage > Integrations.

Request only space: Spaces that are reservable in advance, but require admin approval.  A unique calendar resource must be connected and users with approval permission.



Apply space policies


(Optional) Add a room display

Click Add and follow the room display pairing steps.



(Optional) Add or edit the room display policies 


Need to make changes to a space?

Click the space name in the floor directory on the left > 3 action dots to open the edit menu. 

  • The Remove option (or "delete" key on keyboard) removes the space from the map and is added to the  "Add spaces to the map" list on the left, it will not permanently delete it. 
  • The delete option permanently deletes a space. To confirm this is an intentional action, enter the space name to complete the deletion.  



Publish changes or move on to adding points of interest

Click Review & Publish changes in the top right corner to launch your floor plan. 





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