Adding and managing groups


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Segmenting folks into groups makes it easier to find the right colleagues quickly with a more robust directory and provides a way to categorize and manage user permissions. 

Does your office use SCIM?

Customers with Advanced Authentication & User Management can use SCIM as another option to help with managing groups. Learn more here! 

How to configure groups


Navigate to Manage > Groups




Select Create new group to add a group. Groups can be based on departments, roles, or locations. Some examples: Sales Team, Senior Managers, Boston.


Enter the group details. If you prefer for this group to be "Private", select the checkbox > Save changes.

If a group is marked as "Private," then only global admins can see the group and its members. 


How do private groups work?

  • When a new group is created and marked as "private," then the groups and it's members are only visible to global admins.
  • When a non-admin navigates to the People tab, they will not see any private groups listed under the Groups column and Private groups will be excluded when a non-admin user navigates to People --> Groups.
  • Existing groups can be marked as private by selecting the check box next to the group > select the edit pencil at the top. 


Manage groups

To edit your group, go to Manage > Groups. Check the box next to the group you'd like to edit, then select the edit icon. From here, you can edit the group name and description.


To add people to a group, select the group name from the list, then click Add people to add people individually, or click Import CSV to add people in bulk.


A few things to note about the CSV option:

  • Robin's import tool supports two columns, name & email (required). Headers are case-sensitive, so be sure to check your capitalization before uploading. Your CSV should look something like the image below.
  • Max of 150 users per CSV
  • Supports the option to provision accounts silently. This means we will not send a Robin invite if they don't already have an account. 


To remove members from a group, check the box next to the member then select the trash icon.

Screenshot 2024-02-13 at 3.38.47 PM.png

Roles and permissions

Customers with Advanced Authentication & User Management plans can also assign groups to custom roles with permissions.






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