Assigning local office admins


  • Advanced Authentication & User Management
  • Global Admin 

Global admins tasked with managing multiple locations can delegate location-specific responsibilities to an assigned Local Office Admin. A Local Office Admin is similar to the global admin role, but with location-specific restrictions. Follow the guide to learn how to appoint Local Office Admin(s) and the details of the role. 

Local Office Admins CAN do the following:

  • Manage devices

  • Manage their building, including editing office hours, adding floors, spaces, and managing scheduling and desk policies 

  • Bypass space policies (including event/meeting check-ins)

  • Bypass desk policies (excluding desk check-ins)
  • Approve/deny meeting requests

  • Invite new members to the organization

  • Manage Access and the Daily Roster for their location

  • Send announcements for their location

  • Create & manage activities for their location

  • Manage the Experience survey (including results) for their location

  • Add and edit amenities

  • Manage stickers 

  • Manage Workplace Services

  • View analytics for Desks and Spaces in their office(s) (does not include exports)

On the other hand, Local Office Admins CANNOT do the following unless granted custom permissions:

  • Manage the organization, themes, or Integrations, including health checkpoint configurations.

  • Manage groups and roles

  • Manage visitors

  • Manage billing

Assigning Local Office Admins

A Local Office Admin can be assigned to more than one building and you can assign more than one Local Office Admin to a building. 


Navigate to Manage → Offices → Select Building > Office Admin section.


Enter a user's name in the search field.



Lastly, you can remove a Local Office Admin for that building location by clicking Remove next to their name. 



Viewing assigned Local Office Admins

Roles page:

Global admins & owners can view assigned Local Office Admins across the organization by navigating to Manage → People → select Office Admins from the roles drop-down menu. 


User profile page:

If a user is a Local Office Admin, then you'll see it noted on their user profile page under the permissions section > Manages > location they manage. 



The Local Office Admin experience

Local Office Admins have a filtered Manage tab that restricts the actions they can take for the location(s) they’ve been assigned to manage. We've provided some examples below:

Manage devices

Local Office Admins can only see the device details for locations they've been assigned to. In this case, Nebraska HQ.


Managing building settings & configurations 

Local Office Admins can manage office settings and configurations for buildings they've been assigned to, including; editing office hours, adding floors, adding spaces & desks, and managing scheduling and desk policies.


Managing people

Local Office Admins can invite new members to the organization. 


Managing Access Pass

Local Office Admins can manage Access for only the office locations they’ve been assigned. This includes managing passes for their location(s) and managing the daily roster for their location(s). Local Office Admins are not able to filter to other locations.


Managing amenities

Local Office Admins are able to add and edit amenities. Amenities are used across an entire organization, meaning an amenity created by a Local Office Admin for their location will be viewable/usable in other locations. A Local Office Admin cannot delete an amenity since they're across the entire organization.


Managing workplace services

Local Office Admins can manage workplace services for their location, including adding and editing contacts for the different services.


Managing analytics

Local Office Admins can view analytics for desks and spaces. Excluding exports.



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