User roles in Robin

There are three roles within Robin, each with varying access to features. All invited users are in the "Member" role until they are promoted to Admin, Owner, or to a custom role, which has additional permissions

"Can I change a person's permissions?"

Need to limit which people can book certain rooms? This guide is a better starting point.

There are 3 default roles; Member, Admin, & Owner. See below for default permissions. 

Enterprise plans can modify the default roles and add custom roles, and then assign members to those roles. Roles and their corresponding permissions are additive and can be applied to an individual user or to a group. 


  • Manages their personal account

  • Has been invited to join the team 

  • Can view location and space details including the schedule, devices and people. 

  • Can search and book spaces within the organization on web, mobile app, or tablet app.

  • Can search and reserve short-term desks within the organization on web & mobile app.

  • Can view the people within the organization.


  • Manages their personal account

  • Was promoted by another admin or owner

  • Can edit and view space details, including the schedule, analytics, devices, people, and pairing calendars and devices

  • Can set up and manage the Rooms tablet app 

  • Can search and book spaces within the organization on web, mobile app, or tablet app

  • Can add, remove, or promote members within an organization

  • Can edit and view location and organization details, including integrations and API

  • Can edit or delete meetings created in Robin on behalf of members

  • Can assign desks to members

  • Can pre-register guests

  • Can publish the Experience Survey & view the Experience Report

  • Can view billing and plan information


  • Shares all the same permissions as an administrator

  • Can view and modify billing and plan information

Where to see user roles

Admins and Owners can view & modify roles from the Peoples tab. Navigate to Manage > People

By default, all new users are assigned to the “Member” role.  A user will always belong to the member role (this role cannot be removed), but new permissions can be added for that user by assigning another role.

To assign additional roles, select the +  and select a role from the dropdown list. To modify or verify the permissions of a role, select the role which will link you to the Role page where you can review and adjust the permissions. 

If you’re on an Enterprise plan your Peoples page will look a little different because it will include the default roles plus custom roles. 


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