Editing an existing meeting

There are two requirements for editing meetings today:

  1. The event was scheduled using Robin (Look for the "R" icon)
  2. You are an administrator or organizer of the event

How to update your event

From the web dashboard, click on the Schedule in the top toolbar to see a list of your upcoming events. Click an "Your Schedule" to see a full list of your meetings.  


Hover over the event you want to edit, and an icon will appear if you have permission:




When you click "Edit", the event composer will open. Make your changes and then press "Save" to update the event. Everyone involved will receive the usual notification.


If you want to delete the meeting completely, click the delete icon instead.

What about meetings scheduled outside Robin?

A good rule of thumb: "Edit your events in the same place you created them". Events synced from the calendar will be editable in the future as part of a permissions update we're actively working on right now. In the meantime, changes made externally will still sync back to Robin.

You can see how each event was made using the icons found within the space's schedule. Two examples:


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