Creating custom roles

Supported plans

  • Starter
  • Teams
  • Enterprise


Watch the tutorial below or follow the steps outlined in the guide. 

Navigate to ManageRoles > select Create new role.


Enter the name of the role + a description, then Save changesOr copy an existing role to build off of, then Save & edit.


Click into the role you've just created and Assign role to groups or to a member. 



Using SCIM?

If you're using SCIM, you'll want to Assign the Role to a group after pushing users from your active directory.

Assign groups to the role, then Save changes.


Edit or remove a custom role

To edit the name or description of a custom role or to delete a role, navigate to Manage Roles > select the check box next to the role > select the pencil icon to edit or the trash icon to delete the role.

If you need to edit the permissions for a custom role, click on the role to be directed to the permissions page.


Next up

Grant or restrict permissions to Robin features for users and groups within set roles.

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