Getting Started: Setting up your workplace

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First time setting up an office with Robin? You're in exactly the right place. Follow this checklist and you'll be up and running in no time.

Build & customize your office building

Before jumping in, do you have multiple office locations to set up and manage? Appoint dedicated Office Admins in Robin to delegate office location-specific tasks.

  • During the onboarding process, Robin will prompt you to add your building. Then, you can add more building details later (e.g., working hours, timezone, and address). 

  • During the onboarding process, Robin will prompt you to add floors to your building and submit floor plans to be converted to Robin maps for each floor. 

  • Keep the office running smoothly and gain a better perspective of how it is being used with our scheduling policies and desk policies.

    • Pro tip: Turn on the abandoned meeting & desk protection policies. These allow desk & meeting space reservations to be automatically canceled if no one checks in by a certain time. This helps free up office resources for others to use and gives office managers a better understanding of office utilization. 

  • Customize your organization with branding. 

  • Add your own custom amenities options under Manage > Amenities so users can easily find exactly which rooms or desks are equipped with the tools they need.

  • [Requires Advanced Authentication & User Management] Do you need to restrict who is allowed to sit where or have special roles for managers who can assign and reserve seats for others? Set up groups and permissions.

  • [Requires Visitor Management] Need a way to manage office visitors? Use our guest management feature found under the Visits tab in the web dashboard to pre-register guests, notify the host of guest arrival, and monitor visitors with the visitor log.

  • Share office updates, policies, & events with employees in real time with our Workplace Announcement feature!

  • Bring people together, creating a social atmosphere and a sense of community by creating and joining office activities!

  • Do you want to understand what drives employees to come into the office and how to make it a place folks go to do their best work? Or managing a new facility and curious how employees are liking it? Check out our Workplace Experience survey here! 

Create interactive office maps

Connect your calendar system

Robin supports Google and Outlook (Office 365/Exchange) calendars. Below are in-depth checklists for connecting each type of calendar system.

Add your room calendars

Each space in Robin needs to be paired with a unique calendar resource in order for users to reserve the room and see its availability from the office map. You can add room calendars using the Layout tool or by following the guides below. 

Set up user authentication and provisioning

Robin supports several methods of user authentication. By default, password logins are enabled to start.
  • Invite all users at once with a csv file: Once you upload this, all users are sent an automatic invitation to join your Robin account.
  • Enable SSO via Google or Office 365.
  • [Advanced Authentication & User Management required] SCIM provisioning: Provisioning users via SCIM through either Okta, Azure, or OneLogin allows you to “silently” invite and remove users from Robin.

Choose how your users will interact with Robin  

Room and desk booking 
Desks only 
  • Scannable QR code or NFC tag: Local desk check-ins with stickers make it easy & convenient for employees to find a desk, book a desk, and check in to a desk at the office. QR code & NFC stickers are available for purchase in the web dashboard (Manage > Stickers). 

  • Automated desk check-ins: Employees will automatically be checked into their desk reservation when they walk into the office. 
  • Setting up QR codes/NFC tags and/or automated check-ins is key if your office is implementing Local check-ins only. 

Room booking only 

  • Robin room display app

    • Allow you to book a space on the spot for those impromptu events that pop up. 

Notifications and office search 

  • Slack and Teams integrations-- You can search for open workspaces, get reminders to check in for your desk and room bookings, and get updates on who is planning to be in this week!


Where to find help

We're here to help when you need it. Send us an email at or click the chat button in the lower right corner of the web dashboard. Someone from our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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