Robin app for Slack

With the Robin app for Slack, you can see which spaces are free and receive timely desk and/or room notifications without having to switch between apps.

Add Robin to your Slack workspace

In order for employees to receive notifications and/or interact with Robin from Slack, admins must first add Robin to their Slack workspace.

As an admin in Robin, open Manage > Integrations > Add to Slack option.


This will open a window where you can sign in to your Slack team.


Select your Slack team, then authorize the app.


Once you press "Authorize", Robin will connect to your Slack team automatically and can be found via the Team Directory. Invite it to a common channel, or just leave it as a DM-only tool. (Pro-tip: you can select a DM with yourself from the dropdown!)


Receiving Robin notifications in Slack 

After an admin has successfully integrated your organization's Slack workspace with Robin, then you can connect your individual Slack account for event notifications.  This can be done under your user profile settings. 

Navigate to your avatar > User settings > Integrations
In the integrations section, select Connect.

If you're not able to select the connect button, reach out to an internal admin for assistance. 


Click Sign in with Slack.


From here, click Continue in the Slack popup window to authorize access to your Slack account. Be sure that the dropdown in the upper right corner is set to your organization's connected workspace. 


Once you’ve connected your account, you’ll receive a Slack message confirming the integration was a success.



Managing notifications

After you've connected your individual Slack account with Robin, next up is choosing the type of notifications you want to receive. You can manage your personal notifications under your user settings. 

Navigate to your Avatar > User settings > Notifications. Choose the Slack notifications you want to receive. 


Supported notification types

Flexible desk check ins

If your office uses the desk check-in feature and a hot/hotel reservation is booked ahead of the confirmation window, then the reservee will receive a check-in notification at the start of the confirmation window. 

You can check-in or release your desk reservation right from Slack. It will look something like this:


Assigned desks not supported yet

Only hot/hotel desk check-in notifications are supported today. We plan to add assigned desk check-ins in the future.


Meeting rooms & events

Need a reminder for your meetings and events? We’ve got you covered with 3 types of Slack notifications.

A. When you're attending a meeting you’ll receive a reminder message in Slack 5-10 minutes before it begins.


B. When you're the organizer of the meeting you'll receive a reminder to confirm your event for that meeting space. This is a very helpful reminder if your office enforces the Abandoned Meeting Protection covered below. 


C. If your meeting is automatically canceled because no one confirmed/checked in, we'll let you know. This only applies to offices that enforce the Abandonded Meeting Protection feature.


Use Robin within Slack

A new bot user will join your team's Apps when you add the Slack integration for Robin. We like to interact with the bot user via direct messages to reduce noise, but you can invite Robin to channels or groups too. 


Here's what Robin can help with

You can see a list of commands by saying @robinbot help or review the list below.





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