Set scheduling policies

Administrators can set scheduling policies to manage how and when users can book specific spaces. These settings can be applied on the building-level or to specific spaces. 

You can follow the video below or review the steps in the article for an overview on setting scheduling policies. 


Navigate to Manage > Offices. Select a building to set scheduling policies to all spaces in that building or scroll down and select a space. Scroll to Scheduling policies on the settings page for each space you’d like to update.

The image below captures the policies available on the space-level.


Max reservation length

Building-level: Limit event duration for spaces in this building.

Space-level: Limit event duration within this space.

Advance booking threshold

Building-level: Restrict how far in advance spaces in this building can be booked.

Space-level: Restrict how far in advance this space can be booked.

Recurring events

This feature is enabled by default.

Building-level: Allow spaces in this building to be booked for recurring events.

Space-level: Allow recurring events in this space.

Restrict booking to working hours

Building-level: Prevent spaces in this building from being booked outside of working hours.

Space-level: Prevent this space from being booked outside of working hours.

For example, our location working hours are 7am- 7pm. When this setting is enabled, members will be blocked if they try to book a meeting before 7am and after 7pm.  

Prevent booking on kiosks

Building-level: Prevent spaces in this building from being booked via kiosks.

Space-level: Prevent this space from being booked via kiosks.

The map kiosk is an interactive map on your office status board(s). It provides a high level view of your workplace resources availability with the option to book impromptu meetings unless restricted by this setting.  Learn more about map kiosk for status board here. 

Restrict booking to administrators (Space-level only)

Require admin access to book this space in advance. Impromptu meetings can still be allowed via room display settings. Learn more here!

Automatic Booking (Space-level only)

Automatically book this space when presence is detected (requires beacons and mobile app). Learn more here!


If a user tries to book an event that does not meet the set scheduling policies for that space (i.e. proposed meeting length exceeds the set max reservation length), they will receive an error message during the booking process or they'll notice buttons to complete the booking are greyed out and unavailable. 


What about admins?

By default, admins & owners have higher level permissions allowing them to bypass the set scheduling policies in Robin. This can apply to custom roles too, depending on the permissions put in place.

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