Google: Working location syncing integration


  • Robin Global admin for setup


Users can sync their schedules between Robin and Google Calendar using this integration, enabling them to update their schedules in one place. This feature supports both recurring (set) schedules and one-off visits, allowing users to make updates in either Robin or Google Calendar, with both schedules displaying the same information.

How to enable the integration 

1. Navigate to Manage > Integrations > Manage next to Google Working locations.


2. Toggle on the Sycning Working Location setting. 

3. Complete the building mapping for the syncing to work correctly. Buildings are a 1:1 Mapping - can’t map more than one Google building to a Robin location.

2023-09-19_16-32-39.png 4. Click Save in the top right corner. 

After the integration is successfully set up on the organization level, then users need to connect their Google account (if they haven't already) and toggle on the Sync Google Workling Locations setting under their user settings.  Follow this guide to learn more about the employee experience. 


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