How to plan your week & see who's in the office

The Schedule tab in Robin helps eliminate scheduling and coordinating headaches with direct visibility into where your teammates are working and what's happening in your (preferred) office for the week. The interactive schedule is a powerful planning tool where you can: 

  • Easily book a desk 

  • View your upcoming meetings & add a space if you need to
  • See a summary of who's going to the office, with your Favorites highlighted

  • Discover activities happening in the office to connect with co-workers

  • Stay up to speed on the latest office announcements

  • See your company's in-office expectations or guidelines for hybrid work and track your progress (All offices are set up differently and may not apply to you)

The Workweek uses your preferred office location. To change or add more locations to your Workweek view, click the pencil icon next to the building name at the top left of your schedule. 

Let's take a closer look at how to update your plans and see what's going on at the office so you can plan a productive week!


Updating your plans and setting your schedule

In Robin, you're reflected as “Not in office" or "Remote" by default until you update your plans by:

1. Booking a desk

After you book a desk, Robin automatically updates your status to "in office."

2023-12-19_15-38-03 (1).gif

2. Updating your work status

Use the work status drop-down to update your status and to let others know when you plan to be in the office (without having to book a desk). 

Hot tip! If you have a consistent schedule, you can set a default schedule,  by selecting Edit default status from the drop-down. 

2023-10-27_12-15-41 (1).gif

3. Confirming your assigned seat (if you have one)

In Robin, you're reflected as “Not in office" or "Remote" by default until you update your plans. Updating your status to "In office" lets others know what days you're actually using your assigned seat. If your office requires desk check-ins, you'll still need to check in when it's time.



See when teammates are in the office & find a desk next to them

Under the work status menu, you can see at a glance who is going to the office that day. Robin will highlight your Favorites first. Click on the summary to see the full list of who's going in and find a desk near your teammate.  

2023-12-19_15-50-56 (1).gif

See your upcoming meetings

The next section highlights any upcoming meetings you have scheduled. On days you're scheduled to come to the office, you'll notice a space suggestion and a one-click booking button next to meetings without a space.  

Hot tip: Connect your calendar to see who is attending the meeting in the office.  

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Discover office activities

The last section features any activities your office might have planned for that day. Click on the activity to learn more and coordinate with your co-workers in the activity comments chatbox! 



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