Communicate hybrid work policies


  • Admin/Owner or Work Policy permission

With the Work Policy Settings feature, admins can set office visit guidelines in Robin for employees to reference while planning their work week and making reservations. This gives employees relevant information to make informed decisions and helps employees understand how they're trending relative to company-wide targets. 

Employees will see a banner displayed on their WorkWeek view & on the Office page that has a progress bar tracking how many times they have checked in to the office in a specific week compared to the office visit guidelines. 


Today, we use desk check-ins to count & track employee in-office visits. Take a look at the example below to see it in action. 


Admins can manage their organization's hybrid workplace guidelines and policies on the Work Policies page on the web dashboard. This is where you can define how many days your employees need to come to the office each week or month and define which days of the week.

Follow the steps outlined below to set your hybrid office visit policy in the web dashboard. 

1. Open the web dashboard and navigate to Manage > Hybrid Work Policies on the left. 

2. On the Work Policy page, click on the Default Policy to open the settings.  


3. Start with the policy status, and use the drop-down to change the status to active.


4. From here, you can set the policy parameters to meet your office's needs. Choose if employees need to meet:

  • A minimum number of days a week or month OR,
  • Get more granular and require specific days within a week employees need to meet.


5.  Use the default policy messages or select Custom message options to write your own message in the fields (e.g., Hybrid Work Policy, In-Office Policy, Office Mandate, etc.). You can include some context with the "Custom tooltip message" option.

Employees will see it displayed like a banner on the Schedule and Office page in the web dashboard and mobile app. 


6. Click Save settings. Don't forget to change the status to active if you haven't already if you want it to go live immediately.

Export Hybrid Work Policy data 

You can export information about your Hybrid Work Policy which includes:

  • A list of employees
  • Number of check-ins
  • What policy was active on each day
  • What is the policy configuration on each day

1. At the top right of the Hybrid Work Policy page, click the Export button in the top right corner. 


2. Select the month & the year >  Export. 

3. Check your email inbox to download the report. You should receive the email within a few minutes.  Be sure to check your spam folder too. The link in the email expires within 24 hours. 


Q: Can I set up a policy for a specific office or location?

A: Not at the moment - HWP feature is applied to the whole organization. One policy per organization. We'll be building a more granular approach in the future!

Keep in mind that if your organization has multiple Robin admins who have access to the Manage tab, each one of them can turn the policy on/off, update it, etc., and we don’t keep any history of the changes being made.









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