"Who's in" email digest FAQ

The "Who's in" email digest is a personalized email we send to all Robin users on Monday mornings that summarizes who plans to be in the office that week. Employees can use this to help them plan their in-office days and stay connected with their team. 


Q: Who can receive the weekly digest email?

All users who meet these requirements: 

  • Have a default location with 1 or more people with in-office plans for the week. 

  • Signed into Robin at least once.

  • Have a default location selected.

  • Have a valid & verified email address.

  • Have not unsubscribed from the "Who's in" digest email. 

Q: As an admin, can I preview the email digest before it starts sending it to all users?
No; reach out to your Customer Success Manager to see a demo. 

Q: What if I personally don't want to receive emails from Robin?

Today, employees can manage their email preferences directly from the weekly digest email by clicking “Unsubscribe.”

Q: What if I don't want users to receive the "Who's in" digest email?

Admins can disable the "Who's in" email notification on behalf of their employees on the organization level under Manage > Notifications.  

Q: Why aren’t users seeing the option to manage their email preferences from their User Settings?
Today, employees can manage their email preferences directly from the weekly digest email by clicking “Unsubscribe.” We may add the weekly digest to the user’s notifications settings page in addition to the one-click link over time, based on feedback and need.

Q: Can users customize when they receive the email digest?
Users will receive the email Monday morning. The time and date is based on the timezone settings for the user’s default location. Based on our data, Mondays continue to be the most likely day users are planning and booking for their week ahead.

However, Slack users can set up a digest schedule to automatically receive the "who's in" digest each week in their channel of choice. 

Q: Where else can users receive a weekly summary of who is going to the office? 
Users can see who’s in and what’s happening in their office from a handful of places across the Robin app as well as outside of Robin. In addition to the "Who's in" email, users can add Robin to Slack or Teams to receive the "Who's in" summary there.  

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